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Is My Contact Information Listed On All Websites?
Is My Contact Information Listed On All Websites?

Is my contact information listed on all websites?

Updated over a week ago

When syndicating your listing to real estate websites, your personal contact information does not get pulled in. Instead, real estate sites pull in the brokerage name and contact. The reason for this is because you have to be a licensed agent to list properties on the MLS, so the brokerage contact information is pulled for legal reasons.

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The MLS, on the other hand, will contain your contact information (name, phone, and email) and will only be accessible to agents that have access to the MLS. Inbound calls from buyers will come to Listed Simply and will be redirected to your phone in real-time through our automated system. This way, you will get all the calls from agents and buyers directly to your phone.

Click here for more information on how real estate sites display contact information.

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