To change your status to “Pending” You’ll need to fill out the Pending Compliance Form found in your account by clicking here. 😃

Once in your account, click the “Change Status” button, and choose “Change to Pending.”

To view a step-by-step tutorial, watch the short video below 😎

Listed Simply offers a Transaction Management Service giving you full representation for a fraction of the cost! Our contract experts have your back start to finish.

  1. Dedicated Contract Expert representing you

  2. Timeline and contingency management

  3. We review offers with you as they come in

  4. Counteroffers put together by us, for you

  5. All disclosures provided

  6. Free escrow (only buyer pays escrow fee)

  7. Discounted title insurance

  8. Transactions backed by our Errors and Omissions Insurance

Click here to learn more!

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