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Why Do I Have To Provide So Much Info When Changing The Status To Pending?
Why Do I Have To Provide So Much Info When Changing The Status To Pending?

Changing status to pending

Updated over a week ago

In order to capture the most up-to-date & accurate data, the MLS requires you to input most of the information to change the status to pending.

The escrow information is there to contact escrow for any questions. You have 24 hours per the MLS to change the status to pending once you accept an offer. When your property is finally sold and the title has changed you have to change the status of the closing date (the day you projected to close when providing us with the pending info).

If you miss these timelines, you get a violation from the MLS and a fine for not reporting the information on time. This information is essential to the MLS as it shows when you listed your home, the price it was listed for, how long it took before you went pending, and the actual date the transaction closed.

When you submit the information on the pending form, we use it to remind you to provide us with the sold information required by the MLS to help you avoid any fines and stay compliant during your transaction. This is standard information that is required when selling a home. To view more information about MLS violations, click the button below!

If you'd like to change your status to pending, click here to complete the process.

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