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How Do I Submit A Counter Offer?

Understand What To Do During A Counter Offer!

Updated over a week ago

In most cases, agents and brokerages require you to use state specific forms. If you are represented by Listed Simply, we will provide all the forms needed electronically.

If you are representing yourself, you may not have access to these forms. Your best bet is to ask the buyers agent if they are able to provide you with a form or draft your own addendum.

For a low flat fee, our Transaction Management Service takes the driver’s seat and handles all the legal aspects of the transaction from open to close:

  • We review offers with you

  • Make any necessary counter-offers

  • Provide you with the required disclosures

  • Manage the timelines of the transaction for you

  • Transactions back by our Errors & Omissions Insurance

Get a dedicated contract expert representing you 7 days a week to help you make critical decisions, negotiate to save you money, and act as your legal counsel.

If you choose to represent yourself and want to make a counteroffer, you should communicate with the buyer/buyer agent about the terms you want to counter. Remember, price is not the only thing you counter, be sure to review the entire offer and look out for any boxes that have checkmarks or added in terms.

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