Receiving Offers

Finding your offers

Updated over a week ago

We've made it easy for buyer agents to submit offers! Your listing will have a unique offer link that agents use to submit their offers directly to you. Once they submit the offer, it will automatically be emailed to you. Once submitted, we also send you a confirmation text message notifying you of the offer. This ensures you receive the offer right when it's submitted, instead of it ending up in your junk mail!

Note: Offers are not found in your Listed Simply portal/account. All offers are emailed to you.

We will provide you with an easy-to-understand summary of the offer in the email. Agents can attach documents such as pre-approval letters, proof of funds, and other disclosures.

Let us help you review and respond to your offer(s). Check out our Flat Fee Transaction Management Service where our contract experts review offers with you, handle counters, provide disclosures, and much more for a low flat fee. We offer free escrow to all sellers!

PS: In some cases, buyer agents will email the seller directly since seller's contact information is also listed on the MLS.

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