Professional Photos Sell Your Home Faster

Tips To Take Better Real Estate Photos

Stage your home. You want to show off the space, not what’s in it. Make sure your home is clean, and clear out distracting items like toys or mail.

Take low shots. One really important compositional consideration is how high the camera is off the ground. It's best to shoot about 40 inches off the floor. When your camera sits lower than eye level, your photos will look more like those you see in magazines.

Use as much natural lighting as possible. Open the curtains and turn on all the lights to make a room look bright and open. Rely on the camera’s built-in flash as little as possible; it creates unattractive shadows and reflects off mirrors and windows.
Choose the best angles and compositions. The best way to show off a room is to shoot from a corner or doorway to include as much of the room as possible. This provides context and makes the room look more spacious than a tight shot does.

Take lots of photos. Digital cameras give you the freedom to take as many photos as you want, so experiment with lots of angles and camera settings. Review the photos later and choose the ones that best represent your house.

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