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Do You Help Me Price My Home Before Listing?
Do You Help Me Price My Home Before Listing?

Do you help me price my home before listing?

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We provide you with a free comparative market analysis (CMA). Click here to get your detailed report emailed to you within seconds! πŸ˜ƒ

While we don't help you set the price with our basic MLS Only package, we do offer pricing assistance with our MLS + Paperwork service. We provide you with all the facts and recent sales in your market to help you make the best decision. Check out our Pro Tips on how to determine your selling price!

The number one reason homes don't sell is that they are priced too high. However, it is rare that homes sell for less than they are worth, even if they are priced low to begin with.

A low listing price brings more potential buyers through the door and makes it more likely to start a bidding war. For that reason, we always recommend listing homes at about 1-2% less than comparable homes in the area. Even if you list low, you are never obligated to accept an offer, even if it is what you asked.

Three Major Reasons That Homes Don't Sell:

  • The seller is not responsive enough to buyers

  • The seller is not available for enough showings

  • There is a problem with the property that the seller won't correct and hasn't reflected it in the list price.

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