Once you create a listing with us, we provide you with a public link so you can share your listing with the world and get more exposure! Clicking on the "Insight" tab in your account will show you how many views and unique views your link has generated. 👀

The difference between a unique page view and a regular page view is the following:

  • Page Views will tell you the total number of times people have visited your property page. This means anytime your page is viewed by a user's browser, the page views are calculated.

  • Unique Views track if the same user views your page more than once in a session, this will only count as 1 single unique view. For example, you had 50 unique visitors (this means 50 people came to your property site) and 100 basic views, this means the 50 people viewed your page more than once in a single session. 😃

**Must be logged in for the link to work**

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